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What Is Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique used to simulate the appearance of natural hair strokes for people with sparse or thinning brows. Although microblading is considered a form of cosmetic tattooing (which uses machinery), microblading artists apply each "hair" stroke with a handheld microblade. This manual use of “micro” needles to delicately deposit pigment into the skin creates the most precise, hairlike strokes that look identical to natural hair!

Pigment is color-matched and hand-blended by the artist to give you the most natural looking results that blend seamlessly with your existing hair. Each client’s brows are measured and mapped carefully according to their facial structure to improve eyebrow shape and symmetry. Eyebrows are the framework of your face; microblading corrects your framework, giving your face a more balanced and beautiful appearance.

Depending on your skin type and lifestyle, results typically last 12-18 months. Most clients will require 2 appointments to achieve full results, so a follow up or ‘touch-up’ appointment is recommended 4-8 weeks following your initial service.

Unlike eyebrow tattoos which can fade to a blue or red hue, microblading fades gradually and evenly over time; it retains it's original hue and only becomes less visible as it fades.

Meet The Owner

Heather, Owner and Lead Trainer

Meet Heather, the lead trainer and owner of Microblading Indy. With years of experience in the industry, Heather is dedicated to providing top-notch training programs for aspiring microbladers. Her expertise and passion for microblading make her the perfect mentor to kickstart your career in this exciting field.

Heather views Microblading as an art form, not simply a beauty treatment. She is dedicated to creating beautiful eyebrows for each and every client, as they are a walking showcase of her artistic expression.

Her top priority is to help her clients look and feel their best!

Creating perfect eyebrows

Eyebrows are the Framework of the Face

Eyebrows are the framework of the face; changing the shape, density, and/or symmetry of the eyebrows dramatically alters overall facial appearance. When done properly by a well-trained artist, microblading can correct that framework and create a more balanced and beautiful appearance.

With Microblading Indy, students learn the Art of Microblading + Microshading from Indiana's top microblading artists. Incorporating the skill of Microshading in our beginner’s course sets Microblading Indy apart from other training programs, and arms our students with the ability to create hyper-realistic eyebrows that are 3-dimensional in appearance. Being certified in both Microblading and Microshading allows our students to service each and every client with confidence, and is absolutely crucial to an artist’s professional success.

Creative career opportunity

The average Microblading procedure costs between $400 and $600 in the Michiana area. Typical Microblading services take approximately 2 hours to complete. At that rate, $200+ an hour will be your salary as a microblading artist.

Once you pass our Microblading Certification, you can start microblading clients immediately! You are now in control of your income potential. Even at just one client a day (5/week) your income will be between $8000 - $12,000 per month. Be your own boss. Take control of your career and live up to your potential!

be your own boss

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What are people saying

I am so thankful that I completed my certification for microblading with Heather. She is so genuine, sweet, talented, and definitely knows her stuff. She made sure I felt confident, while still critiquing me when need be. (And did so in the best way!!) I know even to this day I could contact her and she would help me with any questions I may have. I am so so SO thankful. I wouldn’t have wanted to learn from anyone else. Thank you again, Heather, for the whole experience. I’m so blessed to have gotten this opportunity to learn from you. 💗 XO

Kenzie Bryan

Training Review

Heather is the best brow artist in the Indy area! Heather takes her time to measure your brows to your face, and pays attention to the smallest of details with a practically pain free process. You can stop looking, Heather is you brow artist! Thank you Heather, I love my new brows!

Victoria Hoggard

Service Review

I love my brows! Heather is the best! Very detailed and patient. Shape and color are on point! Thank you Heather!

Lisa Roberts

Service Review

-Training Review- I did a microblading training with Heather, and am very impressed with her teaching style. She is very friendly, detail oriented, and easy to work with. Since I had in-person training with her, she was flexible with my work schedule. She still comes to the salon (even though my training ended more than a month ago) to support me during my microblading appointments. I will definitely recommend her to somebody who wants to learn microblading.

Sujana Rupakheti

Training Review

Heather is just amazing! I am a product of the “over-tweezing” 80s and 90s and I have been wanting to have microblading done for some time. After doing my research and looking at photos of Heather’s before and afters I felt confident that she would do an excellent job. Heather really takes her time to get to know her clients, is very thorough in mapping their brows, and takes her time getting everything just right. She is a perfectionist! Thank you, Heather, for making my brows more youthful and full!

Michelle Lippert

Service Review

Heather was very sweet, knowledgeable, and did amazing work. I felt very comfortable the whole time. Heather is truly a perfectionist, she made sure my brows turned out beautiful. I will absolutely be back for touch ups and color boosts! I am so impressed with the entire experience and very happy I chose to have microblading done with Heather!

Sara Kate Nash

Service Review

Heather was incredible! She did an amazing job on my brows and was also very personable and professional. All around great experience. I will definitely be going back to her for any future needs.

Sierra Boualapha

Service Review

I’ve had my eyebrows microbladed before by two different people and let me tell you, they were not as precise as Heather! She did an outstanding job and I could not be happier with my experience. Heather was precise and perfected my brows. I will most definitely be coming back.

Sarah Rodriguez

Service Review

Heather made my first microblading experience exceptional! She provided a calm, relaxing, comfortable environment. She worked hard to create perfection! I can’t say enough about my first experience!‍

Sally Wesler

Service Review