Microblading vs Eyebrow Tattooing

Hand-held Microblading Tool, not a Tattoo Machine Gun

What’s the difference between Microblading and Traditional Cosmetic Tattooing?

Traditional cosmetic tattooing is performed with a machine, while microblading is done with a handheld tool. Traditional cosmetic tattooing is incapable of producing fine strokes because of the vibration and 'wobbling' action of the needles. With microblading, the artists is in complete control of the tool. A slicing action is done to create crisp, fine strokes that resemble real hair. Another big difference between traditional cosmetic tattooing and microblading is the type of pigment that's used. Traditional cosmetic tattoos are done with tattoo ink, which can fade to an unnatural color such as red, blue, or green. Microblading pigments are iron oxides, they stay true to color and are completely safe for your skin. The pigments used for microblading are gradually broken down by your over time, so your microblading only gets lighter in appearance over time until it’s gone. Traditional cosmetic tattoos remain in your skin indefinitely.

What’s the difference between Microblading, Permanent Makeup, and Traditional Cosmetic Tattooing?

As with traditional cosmetic tattooing, permanent makeup is performed with a machine instead of a handheld manual tool. The term permanent makeup has been used in recent years to refer to a slightly different and upgraded cosmetic tattooing method. Permanent cosmetic procedures are done using microblading pigments to avoid the discoloration that were caused by tattoo inks. Permanent cosmetic procedures are deeper in the skin than microblading, but not as deep as traditional cosmetic tattoos. They generally last anywhere from 1-5 years depending on the service, but can remain in the skin indefinitely. It’s important to note that some microblading artists will use the machine to perform certain elements of their services such as shading on the eyebrows. Please be aware that the pigment from the machine will likely remain in your skin longer than the pigment from the microblading.

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